(This email was sent to several FORBL Board Members and 
Redmond Library Manager, Linda Olson and Liaison Linda Barker.)

Dear Friends of the Redmond Branch Library and Art Committee members,

Transition in the leadership brings up the need for the Library to reassess the role of the Redmond Art Committee. To that end the Library will invoke our right to terminate the Art Displays in Libraries Agreement of April 5, 2005, as of July 1, 2015. Library staff will take this time to evaluate our goals and objectives for the future and to plan out how forthcoming services can best meet the mission of the Library.

Thank you all for your incredible support to the Library and to the community. We greatly honor your service and look forward to your support as we move forward.


Todd Dunkelberg
Library Director
Deschutes Public Library
(541) 312-1021


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